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Located on high on the city’s tallest building, it offers breathtaking views before and after you go down on bended knee. While we can’t necessarily ease your nerves when you’re popping the question, we can offer our five favorite places to propose in Houston: Many out-of-town tourists barely linger at the Water Wall next to the Williams Tower, and perhaps that’s why this park remains one of the most romantic spots in Houston for a proposal. This picturesque location can serve as the ideal background when you make that critical decision. Diamond Exchange Houston is here to help in any way that we can. Is it OK to sleep with your engagement ring on? I proposed to her in … Online reservations are recommended, but reserving your spot is free and not required, so you can enjoy flexibility in your scheduling. Iconic. If you’re not an early riser you’ll usually find sundown solitude whenever school is out, especially on summer weeknights. Here are the 5 best places to propose in Houston: 5) The Galleria As one of the most popular destinations in downtown Houston, the Galleria is packed with upscale stores and restaurants, including romantic restaurants that are perfect for a dinner proposal (Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse and 51 Fifteen to name a few). The captivating ceiling reflects LED light to complement the light and shades of sunrise and sunset. Historic neighborhoods, good food, and a lazy stroll across the beach can do much good to your soul and love life. 10. If your honey is an animal lover then the Houston Zoo can be a great place in Houston to propose. It’s a casual and affordable question-popping alternative to higher priced entertainment venues found in the city. Located within an elegant, historic cabin, this eatery serves American fare and specializes in … You definitely need to think about different ideas on how to propose that way this can be an event to remember. If you want a cozy and rustic setting for your proposal, Houston’s Rainbow Lodge is the perfect place. This is a big deal when you’re considering the expenses associated with dresses, rentals, engagement rings and diamond wedding bands, but don’t forget to splurge with your new fiancée when you celebrate your engagement over dinner. Every town and city has those small, tucked away places that Here you are met by a beautiful jagged horizon made by the surrounding mountains, tall cacti and the … This glorious work of art is located at the Rice University campus. Brennan's of Houston, 3300 Smith Many a Houstonian has celebrated an anniversary or birthday or gotten down on one knee to propose at Brennan’s of Houston… Best of all, it’s free. Once you have purchased the perfect engagement ring from Diamond Exchange Houston the next step will be to figure out how to get it on her finger. We use cookies for a better user experience. Name of the location says it all. Being that it is the 4th largest city in the United States, it a very vibrant city that has a little bit of everything. The expansive space and ambient noise enhance your overall privacy so you don’t have to worry about distractions, and the mist feels refreshing on a warm day or early evening. While sunset light shows are gorgeous and romantic, it’s sometimes tough to find complete silence and privacy on warm days, especially when school is in session. View our. Technologically adept, this two-story sculpture includes acoustics and LED lights. View Map Some will be personal, others will be spectacular. That perfect proposal can be done just right at any of the city’s numerous dreamy locations. It’s just enough urban intimacy for asking those once-in-a-lifetime questions. The waterfall looks mesmerizing when water cascades down this sculpture, catching rays of orange, yellow, and pink during sunset. Under the Trees and Amongst the Flowers Assuming everything goes well and she says “Yes”, the next step is to find out where to get married. Love the tortelli di bietola and the tortellini al sugo rosa. Let us know if there are any places that we have missed that you think we should add to the list. Here is our list of the Top 5 places in The Woodlands to propose. The 10 Worst Places to Propose in Houston Jef Rouner | December 23, 2015 | 6:00am Facebook Twitter email Print Article A A My wife and I are practical people. The cooler fall weather means that it will be more comfortable for you and your loved one to stroll through the gardens. This article just touched on several of the best places to propose in the Houston, TX area. Hence, I want to have a friends themed proposal. Shame on you for asking where to do it. The gaiety of attractions like carnival games, rides, a Ferris wheel, rollercoasters, and a 140-foot Drop Zone – make the Boardwalk an interesting place for proposal. One downside is that 180-degree view is limited to the southwest side of Houston, while observation rooms in other cities often provide a wider perspective. The movie magic can be best replicated when the ribbon board or even the main scoreboard displays your proposal to the world! You can propose at the home-ground of Houston Astros, the Minute Maid Park. If you want to have some peace while you pop the question then very early in the morning is your best bet, check the Google Places Live function to see when the area gets busy. So, thankfully, dating site EliteSingles surveyed 1,600 people to determine the 12 best places to propose. Discovery Green is one of the most popular community gathering spaces in Houston. James Turrell Twilight Epiphany Skyspace at Rice University This is one of the most ideal places to propose in Houston for anyone who loves unusual architecture and quiet spaces. Houston is a very vibrant city that has a little bit of everything. But not just any park, of course. Choose your special and celebrate your love. In fact, this spacious lobby is usually relatively empty. Wholesale Diamond Rings in Houston, TX Diamond Exchange Houston is not like normal retail jewelry stores like Robbins Brothers, Kay’s, or … 4. The engagement ring company that’ll do anything for love. Romantic dates in Houston can be a real fun for the city offers unique opportunities to spend some worthwhile intimate moments with your loving pal. Houston, TX is a huge city so hopefully, this post will take out some of your guesswork about where to propose. Despite the lodge theme, this restaurant offers fine dining … In Houston, engagement rings with a halo setting are especially on-trend. Nature’s splendor unleashed amid teeming city life; the Houston Arboretum needs no introduction to the true Houstonian. The peaceful stone paths and bridges of the Japanese Garden are romantic, as well. By using our site, you agree to our use of cookies. There are countless secluded spots to propose in the Big Bend, and all are guaranteed to completely floor your lover as you get down on one knee to ask the question of a lifetime. Settled cozily in the middle of humming downtown Houston, this is the closest to personal heaven you can get. You can never have too much of nature! Bring along extra water with your diamond engagement ring, even if the weather looks overcast. May 07, 2020. For a daytime proposal, head to the 60th floor of the JP Morgan Chase Tower to take in the views of Houston from its truly magnificent observation deck. A long drive can allow you to escape the humdrum of city life and arrive at one of the finest beaches in Texas. Galveston Island It’s amazing how many Houstonians have never seen Galveston Island , despite it being less than an hour’s drive from downtown. Built during the 1980s, the horseshoe-shaped Waterwall fountain is an impressive 65-feet tall. Few other ideas: Best Romantic Places In Houston To Propose « CBS Houston Best Places to Propose in Houston - Wedding & Engagement Blog Best Spots to Propose in Houston, TX - Yahoo! You can save the qualifiers for the actual event! 10 Best Houston Proposal Ideas - The Heart Bandits - The World's Best Marriage Proposal Planners Houston is a great city to propose in for a variety of reasons. That is something else that you are going to have to consider. By The playful and kitschy Kemah Boardwalk, 30-minutes beyond Houston, allows you to experience Houston in a new light. One of our favorites is the park. While high-season camping spots are as rare as cool days in July, day trip options are easy and present a range of possibilities. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, we create customized proposal packages for you and your partner. on Top Places To Propose In Phoenix - Robbins Brothers Blog Check out the top romantic and creative places to propose to the love of your life in Phoenix, the Valley of the Sun! 7. I'm looking for a water … Houston is a very large city and you will have to eventually pick the right location to pop the question based on your needs. This location offers The best proposal-worthy locations include the Donor Boardwalk, the wildflower garden, or the intimate bridge over that ravine. From the iconic waterwall near The Galleria, to The Houston Zoo and Galveston, these spots are perfect for creating a memory and a special moment. A favorite date spot: If you want to pull off a true surprise, one of the best places to propose is a regular spot for the two of you. Still searching for the perfect ring to accompany your Houston proposal? And with things like a $20 … The Houston Arboretum and Nature Center is a wonderful place to propose. Spring offers the flowers whereas the brilliant foliage lights up during fall. Reviews on Best Places to Propose in Houston, TX - The Bell Tower on 34th (4.3/5), Blooming Gallery (5/5), Jason Talley Photography (5/5), Pure Plush Photography (5/5), Upshot Photography & Graphic Design (5/5), Tracy Eason Photography (5/5), Art Attack (5/5), Papzz Wedding Photographer (No ratings), Michael Ramos Photographer (4.8/5), The space HTX (3.8/5) ← Enjoy, and guys remember to get down on one knee because you're supposed to. And she loves/addicted to friends show. KAYAK Tip: For a taste of an authentic Irish village then stay at the Roadford House & Accommodation , only a 1-minute walk from McDermott’s pub in Roadford where the Irish music starts at 9.30 and goes until late. The Rainbow Lodge was voted the best romantic restaurant in the city in 2010 by AOL. Words fall short when you try to capture the magical beauty of this Houston landmark. All this through the winding alleys of azaleas, dogwoods, oh-so-plush cherry trees, and crepe myrtles. The trees that arch over the water are stunning and the reflection of lights off of the water totally create a … If it looks like it may rain a lot, you should postpone the proposal in case of floods. Celebrate Christmas With The Perfect Gift: Diamond Jewelry, Top 5 Surprisingly Affordable Places To Get Married In Houston, Texas, 8) Waterwall at Williams Tower (Houston) As the 4th largest city in the US it has a lot going for it. This location offers you the heady mix of playfulness and celebration. Williams Tower Water Wall Chosen in 2011 by CBS Houston as one of the best romantic places in Houston to propose, the Williams Tower Water Wall is a 64-story-tall city icon. It is only open on weekdays during the regular 8:00 to 5:00 business hours, so you don’t encounter the typical tourist crush found in other buildings with towering vistas. Sunsets are the best time for a passionate proposal. 281-623-1105 Popping the big question here guarantees a life-long conversation starter. Unless you propose in the middle of winter, plan for pretty warm weather! Even if you visit on crowded weekends, you’ll find plenty of empty railing space with refreshing bay water views just steps away from the spinning two-tiered carousel, the rumbling Boardwalk Bullet roller coaster, and toddlers frolicking in the water at the Cool Zone. A Ritani The movie magic can be best replicated when the ribbon board or even the main scoreboard displays your proposal to the world! We absolutely love the Reflection Pool inside. The Trinity River is definitely one of the best places to propose in Dallas, and doing so on a canoe excursion is sure to impress. Voices - Diamond Exchange Houston has written an informative post on best places to get married in Houston that you need to check out. Beating the heat in Houston is a perpetual problem for natives of The Bayou City, but it’s easy compared to finding a cool and comfortable proposal location. If you’re a local then you’re in luck because you’re going to pop the question in the most unique places … Be it a local pub, the movies, or standing date at the local farmer’s market, they won’t expect your This is one of the most ideal places to propose in Houston for anyone who loves unusual architecture and quiet spaces. The willow oak trail, wildflower trail, and the blackberry trail will embrace two souls in love within its lush folds. The best way to shop for an engagement ring with us is to fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment or call us today at 281-623-1105 . Modern day romances can be beautifully orchestrated in this godly and distinguished venue. Though there are different romantic places in Houston, yet many young couples prefer visiting the Clear Lake area, located between Houston … Whether you come here to see the alligators in the summer or count butterflies on their annual migration in October, this park is an excellent choice for outdoorsy couples. Located in Hermann Park, just across from the Houston Museum of Natural Science, the new gardens will be the perfect place to propose if your significant other likes to be surrounded by natural beauty in a formal garden.

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