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Test each other on the words: Verb Patterns with Reporting Verbs Activities. totalScore++; gapAnswers2[i].value = gapAnswers2[i].value.concat(" " + String.fromCharCode(10003)); Practice: using verb patterns with reporting verbs. Verb Patterns with Reporting Verbs Activities Put the words that you are given into columns by what follows them (“to + verb” etc). The choice of verb sometimes depends on how we interpret what the person was saying. Common reporting verbs that follow this pattern are : advise ask beg Here is some more practice - again, use a maximum of three words. Common reporting verbs that follow this pattern are : agree ask claim demand offer promise propose refuse threaten Some verbs can be followed by an object and infinitive : reporting verb + direct object + infinitive with to Examples: He reminded me to call Kath. function giveGapfillAnswers2() { If you have a question about the English language and would like to ask one of our many English teachers and language experts, please click the button below to let us know: Verb Patterns with Reporting Verbs ActivitiesPut the words that you are given into columns by what follows them (“to + verb” etc). /*javascript for checking gap fill questions*/ Reporting verbs Reporting verbs are used to report what somebody said, like promise, say, ask, admit, etc. if (gapAnswers2[i].value.toLowerCase() == gapTrueAnswer2[i].toLowerCase()||gapAnswers2[i].value.toLowerCase() == altGapAnswer2[i].toLowerCase()) { A reporting verb is a word which is used to talk about or report on other people's work. The officer asked the woman to empty her pockets. (The direct speech for this is "I've already eaten".) Other reporting verbs: boast + that. Students sometimes make mistakes by mixing the patterns up. The basic verb pattern for using 'say' for reported speech is: say + (that) + clause She said (that) she had already eaten. /* mcCorrect is the array of questions, mcFeedback is the array of feedback buttons */ Different reporting verbs use different grammatical patterns. links to online dictionaries. Home Page >> Grammar Exercises >> Advanced >> Reporting Verbs Exercise Reported Speech Worksheet. } gapAnswers[i].value = gapAnswers[i].value.concat(" " + String.fromCharCode(10003)); if (gapAnswers[i].value.substring(gapAnswers[i].value.length-1, gapAnswers[i].value.length) == " ") { The verb “propose” can be used for making suggestions. She said that I should study chemistry at university. Academic reporting verb + that. totalScore++; Also includes A discussion and teaching suggestions for reporting verb patterns. } Stop when only the cards without matches are left. } Verbs: Point out, find, observe, state, agree, believe, assert, claim, contend, explain, guess, assert, imply, reason, prove, note, report, reveal. (verb + that clause) She asked if they could stop for a rest. } dropFeedback[i].style.color="green"; With some verbs, we can mention the hearer as the object of the verb: She reminded him that it was time to go. Verb patterns with reporting verbs storytelling 1Use the verb cards as you take turns continuing a story, making sure that you use the correct verb pattern each time. + message); Or model the sentences on the board and have students dedicate a page in their vocab books for each group of verbs. Reporting verbs used with an object and the to-infinitive; ask advise allow beg command: encourage forbid instruct invite order: permit persuade prefer recommend remind: request tell urge warn want: Customs officer: Please empty your pockets, madam. if (temp[j].value == "1" && temp[j].checked == true) { terms, irregular verbs, phrasal verbs and idioms. for (i=0; i reported speech exercises. Includes helpful articles, a glossary, quizzes, and a large language reference. } He asked me again and again if I would go out with him. The verb “boast” means to arrogantly say good things about yourself or your accomplishments. Tiny TEFL Teacher uses cookies for analytics and to help run the adverts on this website. I asked him if he wanted to come to my party. Choose the correct reporting verb from this list and finish the reported speech for each example. from students and teaching forum topics. propose + that. She pretended that she was a doctor, and I believed her. } mcFeedback[i].innerHTML = "Try again"; Reporting verbs can be used to great effect, but the difficulty gapAnswers[i].value = answerStr; However, it can be confusing because there are two basic patterns. Register for free and gain access to additional } She told me that she wouldn't give me any money. mcFeedback[i].style.color="green"; for (i=0; i*/ gapAnswers[i].style.color="green"; Test your knowledge of the English language. In addition to the team of staff Lesson plans & worksheets can be used by teachers without any fee in the classroom; however, please authors and contributors. for (j=0; j

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